Pheasant Run Roadway Maintenance Association

Pheasant Run Roadway Maintenance Association

Pheasant Run Roadway Maintenance Association, Inc. (PRRMA) incorporates three subdivisions and Canton Township.  They are Pheasant View at Pheasant Run, Fairways at Pheasant Run, and Fairway Pines at Pheasant Run.  The PRRMA Board of directors incorporates a representative from each subdivision and two persons from Canton Township; a five person board.

The purpose of PRRMA is to enforce and administrate The Reciprocal Roadway Maintenance Agreement which specifies for each entity the maintenance and repairs of our roads and infrastructure systems.  The Reciprocal Roadway Maintenance Agreement directly affects the entire roadway within our three (3) subdivisions and also includes Summit Parkway and Glengarry Boulevard.

A portion of the annual assessment we pay each year goes directly to PRRMA.  A percentage is placed into a reserve fund which is held by PRRMA for anticipated future expenses for the maintenance and repairs of our roads.  A majority of this money is invested in secure deposits with the intention to increase the amount of cash on hand and to reduce the amount needed from each contributing entity. 

12/29/17 Financials page updated

08/19/17 Roadway Paving to begin Wednesday, August 23!

As part of the Pheasant Run Roadway Maintenance Project, Nagle Paving Co., in conjunction with Canton Township and The Pheasant Run Roadway Maintenance Association (PRRMA), will begin asphalt pavement replacement starting Wednesday August 23rd, 2017.  This portion of the project will consist of milling and paving throughout the community’s roadways.   

Nagle will provide traffic control and barricading during the operations, but please be aware of the construction crews and equipment as well as other drivers and adjust your speed accordingly.  The process will involve milling the asphalt down a variable depth, cleaning the existing remaining asphalt surface, application of a “tack” coat and installation of a new asphalt surface.  This process should take approximately one week to complete.  All work should be complete by end of day Friday September 1st, 2017 (weather permitting).  They will be milling all of Southwick Drive, Crowndale Boulevard, Windbridge Boulevard and parts of Summit Parkway, Glengarry, Highlands Dr., Country Club Dr. and Fountainview wrapping up whatever is not completed on Thursday.  Paving is tentatively scheduled to take place Friday August 25th through Wednesday August 30th.

Please keep in mind that all work is weather dependent and rain events may affect the schedule of the work.

Please remove all cars from the street and turn off your irrigation system prior to Wednesday, August 23rd to facilitate this work.  If we arrive and your car is in the street or your irrigation system is still on, we will not be able to complete this work.  You do not want to be the reason why we have to cancel operations for the entire community because of a car being in the way or a sprinkler system being left on.  Also, while we are working, you will be able to drive on the surface (or tack coat) if need be but we recommend finding another route through the subdivision if at all possible during the work period.  Lastly, if you drive on the tack coat, it will wear off but please do not walk on it as it may track into your home if it is still wet or sticky.

Please visit the PRRMA website at prrma.org for additional updates and information.

We understand this is an inconvenience, but please bear with us. This short term inconvenience will lead to long term improvements to your community.  You may contact Rob Wilson with Nagle Paving Co. at 248-553-0600, ext. 228. if you have any questions.


We hope to keep any inconveniences to a minimum.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.


08/17/17 Update

The concrete crew is scheduled to come back on Monday to replace the last of the concrete that was approved. Restoration and irrigation crews will complete any outstanding issues on Tuesday.

 On Wednesday, they will commence with the milling work. This will take two days at a minimum. From there they will have the work inspected, cleaned and prepared for paving. Paving will follow soon after the milling. Flyers will be posted at the addresses directly affected by the operations, within the work limits and for the first couple of homes on either side of the work limits. They should be 100% wrapped up by Friday September 1st.

08/06/17 Roadway Repair Update

The concrete work has been completed.  Crews will still be working in the neighborhood this week to complete restoration of lawns, irrigation repairs and general clean up.  Their goal is to be 100% complete by the end of the week.

If you have irrigation system damage caused by the cement work, please send an e-mail with your address and a description of the problem to RoadRepairs@PRRMA.org  That will go to all of the PRRMA board member and Nagle Paving.

Asphalt milling and paving will be the next step of the project. As of now, they were able to secure Wednesday 8/23 and Thursday 8/24 for the milling work to take place.  Provided that schedule does not get changed by them, their intentions would be to mill those days, continue to clean and prep on Friday 8/25 and then come in and pave, most likely on Monday 8/28.  Paving will take two days so with this schedule, they would be 100% complete prior to Labor Day.  As they get closer, they post notices to the homeowners directly in the work areas notifying them that we are coming and requesting the they do not park on the street.  We will also ask that irrigation is turned off for the two days we are paving.  All of that will be spelled out in the notice.  Remember , all of this is weather dependent, especially the paving.

Road construction maps can be found here.

08/02/17 Reminder

If there is any damage to your irrigation system caused by the construction, please send an e-mail with your name, address and details of the damage to:  RoadRepairs@PRRMA.org  Your e-mail will be forwarded to all PRRMA board members and to Nagle Paving.  Thank you!

7/25/17 Roadway Repair update

Concrete and curb repairs are to start in Pheasant View on Tuesday, 7/25/17. Please be sure to turn off your irrigation systems.  If there are flags marked in the sidewalk crossing your driveway, please remove your vehicles from your garage and driveway as you will not be able to get them out once the flags are removed and you will not be able to drive over the new concrete for a week.  If there is any damage to your irrigation system caused by the construction, please send an e-mail with your address and details of the damage to:  RoadRepairs@PRRMA.org

Here is an update for the first two phases of the project [Fairway Pines and Fairways].  They are mostly complete with all of the concrete work.  Below is a list of items that still need to be competed relating to the construction:

  • Replace two flags of sidewalk at 45422 Augusta.  These were missed by us the first time through
  • Replace five flags of sidewalk at 679 Sandlewood.  This area was initially missed due to the marks washing off.  It is listed as 675 Sandlewood Ct on the original inventory and shown as three flags.  It will require five to fix the drainage issue.
  • Replace one flag of sidewalk at the intersection of Troon and Fountainview.  This one was purposely skipped the first time through as we needed clarification on an issue.  We are set now.
  • Replace 35’ of curb at 323 Highlands.  This was added to the scope after we had left the area.
  • Replace 20’ of curb at 45478 Augusta.  This was also added after we left the area.
  • Clean up of construction materials and debris at Glengarry and Summit intersection.
  • Barricade removal.
  • Misc. lawn restoration in random locations.

They are trying to get back to these locations yet this week and complete this work. 

 There are also several irrigation or other issues that need addressing.  They are sorry for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience.  The crew is scheduled to be on site today to hopefully make all repairs and also repair a couple of other issues that are hanging out.  Below is a list of work we need to complete related to construction damage:

  • 45642 Fountainview (irrigation repair)
  • 45486 Muirfield (irrigation repair)
  • 738 Sandlewood (irrigation repair)
  • 337 Country Club Dr. (irrigation repair)
  • 46714 Inverness (irrigation repair)
  • 45460 Glengarry (irrigation repair)
  • 45468 Glengarry (irrigation repair)
  • 45420 Glengarry (irrigation repair)
  • 623 Pinehurst (irrigation repair)
  • 45444 Augusta (irrigation repair)
  • 45452 Augusta (mailbox repair)
  • 45502 Glengarry (reset brick pavers)
  • 467 (Pinehurst (reset brick pavers)

 With respect to the repairs, one of the challenges is we did not have a central system for getting information regarding the damage.   We have now established an e-mail address that will go directly to the VP of the paving company.  If there was damage to your irrigation system or property caused by the construction, please send an e-mail to: RoadRepairs@PRRMA.org  and be sure to include your address in the e-mail.

 There was an issue with the portable toilet over the weekend.  They contacted the supplier Monday morning to come clean it up, swap out units and move it to phase three.  There usually is a 24 hour turnaround on this so they would expect to see it taken care of today.  They will swing by tonight to confirm.

They  are working to complete phase three (Pheasant View) this week.  Once that is complete we will get the schedule information regarding the asphalt paving.

7/18/17 Roadway Repair update

From Rob Wilson of Nagle Paving:

Hi everyone, I wanted to update you as to where we are at with the project and what the next step is. At the end of the day today, we will be about 99% complete with the concrete repairs in phase one and two, we should be 100% complete with the sidewalk repairs along Summit Parkway and 100% complete with the drain repair near 500 Merion. The concrete crews will be leaving after today. Restoration crews will be on site though for the next few days trying to clean up everything and get us back in order.

I will be sending out the notices to the residents in Pheasant View tomorrow. Saw cutting has already begun. I am looking to try to get in there later this week and begin curb removals and preparation work. There is considerably less curb work in this phase so it should be much less intrusive. The sidewalk/concrete crew is scheduled to return next Monday to start pouring curbs and replacing sidewalks. Here is a copy of the notice.

The 2017 Roadway Repair season starts on Thursday, June 1.

The first round of work will be cement work starting this week followed by asphalt work after LibertyFest.  A full map of repairs and a notice of homeowners' responsibilities can be found on the 2017 Repairs page.

06/01/17  Saw cuts starting today.

May 29, 2017

Dear Fairway Pines, Fairways, and Pheasant View Homeowner,

A significant sidewalk, curb, and roadway repair will be commencing this week. Curb and sidewalk work will take place first and be completed before work on the roads begin.  The repairs will be done in phases by subdivision.  Areas affected by the repairs are identified on maps located on the 2017 Repairs page.

General Information:

·        Normal working hours for the contractor selected (Nagel Paving) are 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM Monday – Saturday

·        Curb and sidewalk repair will begin in Fairway Pines.  Once complete the crews will then move to Fairways and then finally into Pheasant View.  This phased approach should be the least disruptive to Liberty Fest and should be ongoing until late July. 

·        Milling and the re-paving of the roads will begin in late July/early August.  This task should take no more than 2 weeks for all three subs

·        Road work will begin in Fairway Pines and follow the same order as the curb and sidewalk repair.  Weather permitting, Nagel will attempt not to work on the roads on Saturdays

·        The tack coat that is laid prior to re-paving should not be walked on or driven on.  Nagle said that this coat is laid just prior to paving so the exposure to the homeowner should be minimal  

·        Nagel will provide an advance notification to the homeowner of work on or around their property with notices on their front door and by their garage

·        Glengarry Blvd. and Summit Parkway will also be repaired. While these repairs are in process one side of the divided road will be closed and motorists will need to travel in both directions on the side open until construction is complete

·        Once work completes for the day, most equipment will be removed and then returned the next day

Homeowner’s responsibility during this process:

·        As part of the notice provided by Nagel, the homeowner will be asked to shut off the water supply to their irrigation system for two weeks as the work in their area may go on that long.  Irrigation systems that are not shut off may delay the completion of work in that area

·        Some repairs may restrict a homeowner from gaining access to their driveway.  During these times we ask that you park your vehicles on the closest unaffected street so that repairs are not disrupted and completed as quickly as possible

·        The project is on a very tight timeline.  It is for that reason we strongly discourage homeowners from talking with the workers and asking for quotes on repairs of items outside the scope of the project (i.e. driveways, etc.)

Due to the nature of the work performed, damage to irrigation systems will occur.  These will be repaired by the contractor at no cost to the homeowner.  Please provide your repair requests to your respective HOA board.  The boards will be the liaison between the homeowner and the contractor.  However, the contractor does not assume any responsibility for damage done to invisible fences.

This PRRMA web site (www.prrma.org) will be updated very frequently with the most up to date schedule of activity. 

We hope to keep any inconveniences to a minimum.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.


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